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Office and showroom
Bulgaria, Sofia
41A Pop Bogomil str.
tel. +359 2 9832 803
fax+359 2 9832 278
Industrial section
tel. +35946 64391
fax+359 46 64385
ISOGOMATHERMis the only producer of thermal insulation and insulating material from expanded rubber with closed pores in the range from -70 to +130 degrees C in Bulgaria. The company functions since 1994.
The production facilities of ISOGOMATHERM are situated in the industrial zone of the town of Yambol. The office and the show room and store are in the town of Sofia. The factory uses the Italian COLMEC machinery.
The production is fully based on imported materials, which guarantees the high quality of the offered products. The company is a member of the Technical standard committee "Rubber" 76 from the State standard and metrology agency.
The production name and the name of the plant is Isogomatherm OOD. The trade mark is Gomaplast. Isogomatherm is a part of MINSTROY.