Rosenetz Residence
Personal Engineering EOOD
Minstroy Holding AD
August†2004 -†July 2005
3†600 000 BGN
Rosentez residence is situated in a park south from Bourgas. The reach flora and the fact that it is situated on the very shore of the sea makes the residence exclusively attractive and unique.†The total built up area of teh residence is 2400 sq.m. The three storey building has 11 apartments. There is a mini SPA center in the ground floor. The interior is luxyry designed with classical solid furniture.
The outer area has nice alleys, decorative stones and greenery. There is an outdoors swimming pool in front of the residence.
In 2006 started the formation of Rosentetz park that is situated between the residence and the sea shore. The project includes the construction of barbeque spot, slope greenery, water alleys and purification station.
In this†complex, Minstroy Holding†AD realizes its abilities as builder and creator, making the park and the residence an ornament among the other large scaled projects.
Technical data
The building is reconstructed†keeping scaffolding construction†without trimmer joists.†The outer brick walls are insulated.