ЕкологияThe activity of Minstroy Holding JSC and the companies of our holding organization is entirely subject to the harmony in the relationship between man and nature.

The lead and zinc ore exploration, extraction and processing, and the disposal of mining waste are done by applying the best practices and leading technologies for sustainable environmental protection, storage and improvement for future generations.

Our main objective is to maintain a high environmental standard with efficient, complete and full recovery of mineral raw materials and reasonable and efficient consumption of resources, such as water, energy, raw materials and supplies.

We strive to develop and maintain the basic principles of environmental management systems, health and safety of people, in accordance with the internationally recognized standards, the voluntary practices of our companies and in accordance with the Bulgarian and European legislation.

We perform periodic and continuous monitoring of the emissions into the ambient air from our production plants, the wastewater, soils, environmental noise emissions and waste. The monitoring results help us to assess our progress on different environmental objectives and tasks. This allows us to improve our performance and minimize the environmental impact of our business.

In order to achieve sustainable results, we have developed and implemented major investment programs for environmental protection in all companies of our holding organization. The implemented activities report improved production conditions and less impact on the environment.

We are constantly striving to improve the culture of our employees in terms of environmental protection, while strictly complying with all legal requirements, international standards and criteria.

The main priorities we follow are:

  • Constant improvement of environmental protection when working with equipment and carrying out production activities and processes;
  • Constant implementation, analysis and development of a system of self-control and self-assessment of activities;
  • Creating and developing a modern and efficient system for selection, qualification and motivation of staff;
  • Providing the resources needed to implement an environmental policy;
  • Ensuring the understanding, implementation and maintenance of an environmental policy at all levels of the company;
  • Informing and engaging staff with the implementation of the environmental policy objectives;
  • Introducing many levels of specialized and reliable monitoring and control of the parameters and key features of the activities, processes, products and resources, focusing on environmental protection.

To meet the priorities, the companies in our holding organization apply the following principles:

  • Leading management role in environmental protection management;
  • Planning, organization, control and analysis of activities;
  • Achieving a high level of compliance with the requirements of the law as a minimum and constantly improving the efficiency of compliance with the legal framework;
  • Constant readiness and ability to respond to crisis situations;
  • Optimization of resources and energy consumption;
  • Maintaining effective and efficient Environmental Protection Systems through periodic management audits, taking into account the opinion and interests of all parties.

Following our motto "In harmony with nature!" we are building a name and achieving success by developing a socially and environmentally responsible business, with a lot of care for people's health and safety and for the protection of the environment.