Minstroy was established in 1952 with a decision of the Council of Ministers to build the mineral resource base of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Company started the construction of all mines and flotation works in the period 1952 – 1989.

From the beginning of the 90s to 2002,the Company continued its development with the construction of hotels, hotel complexes and offices and the implementation of infrastructure projects.

Over the years since its establishment until now, Minstroy has built many mines, flotation works, coal mining facilities, motorway tunnels, underground structure of several residential areas in the city of Sofia, heat transfer collectorsin the city of Sofia, pipeline for oil products Burgas – Sofia, petroleum storage facilities,‘Druzhba’ gas pipeline on the Bulgarian territory, first extension of Sofia Metro from the populated district of Obelya to the populated district of Mladost, Hydroelectric and photovoltaic power plants and many others.

As one of the largest construction companies in the Republic of Bulgaria, Minstroy carries out design, construction, delivery and installation of equipment and facilities, manufacturing of non-standard metal structures and facilities, and full engineering of ‘keys-in- hands’sites in the fields of the industrial and civil construction, mining industry, engineering infrastructure, modern hotel complexes and infrastructure projects, long-distance pipelines.