Construction of PPPsMechkarevo 2

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The built power plant transforms solar radiation into electricity through polycrystalline photovoltaic modules generating direct current and voltage. The resulting voltage is transformed into an alternating voltage by decentralized invertors.

According to the project, a concrete complete indoor distribution system (BKZRU 20kV), with three outputs, was installed on the site of the power plant. A transformer 1000 kVАwas installed in it. The MV distribution system was equipped with a switchgear (KRU) 20kV, 100 А, 16 kА. Two transforming stations of the type complete concrete transforming stations (BKTP) 0,4/20 kV to 1000 kVАwere installed on the site of the power plant. Each of them was equipped with MV distribution system, with switchgear (KRU) 20 kV.

Along the property perimeter, a wire fence was built, lighting columns were installed, access control system and video surveillance were built.

Project value: BGN 10 million
Date of completion of the construction and installation works: 01.03.2012