Dismantling ofSchRs 1200 excavator No.134

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Qualified dismantling of SchRs 1200 excavator No. 134 in ‘Troyanovo-1’mine.The weight of the bucket wheel machine, representing a complex metal structure, is 1960 tons. The dismantling works performed include all units under the Mechanical Part:

  • Balance boom;
  • Rotor boom and rotor belt;
  • Lifting mechanism;
  • Tension frameand mast;
  • Motion mechanism and feed anchor;
  • Feedback belt;
  • Rotor unit – reducing gear, rotor wheel, rotor wheel axle;
  • Craneequipment;
  • Rotating platform – reducing gears, balance boom, trolleys, adjusting rolls;
  • Ringtregerand control cabins;
  • Control mechanism;
  • Lower structure and running gear

Dismantling works of the respective equipment were performed under the Electrical Part:

  • Electrichalls and cabins;
  • Electrical installations and cable lines;
  • Electric motors, transformers, etc.

All units, components and structures weredismantled to sizes and overall dimensions, allowing to be transported to the Contracting Authority’s warehouse.

Project value: BGN 227 thousand
Implementation period: August 2014 – November 2014