Replacement of slag pipelines

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Name of the project:

“Replacement of slag pipelines”


„Enel Maritsa Iztok 3“ AD

Main contractor:

„Minstroy Holding“ AD

Information for the project:

The subject of the contract includes activities for the replacement of the pipeline system for wastewater discharge from the production processes at the Maritsa East 3 TPP. The project has been executed under the contract as follows:

  • Development of investment project and geodesy;
  • Dismantling of existing sewage treatment systems with DN 700;
  • Construction works to increase the level of existing foundations on the pipeline route in order to reach the project levels;
  • Installation works for the construction of new pipelines DN 700 and DN 600. The connections between the pipes are welded or flanged;
  • Dismantling of an existing raw water pipeline - DN 400;
  • Installation of a raw water pipeline with DN 400;
  • Installation of equipment and facilities in pumping stations.

Implementation period:

2007 – 2010