Construction of a water abstraction facility and construction of the overhead part of a geothermal w

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Name of the project:

“Construction and installation works for sub-project 1 "Water abstraction facility and construction of the overhead part of a geothermal water source" from project "Construction of a geothermal heating system in the town of Zlatograd"”


Municipality Zlatograd

Main contractor:

Partnership „GEOPS-MINSTROY“ with partners „Minstroy Holding“ AD and “Geops-Balkan drilling services” EOOD

Information for the project:

‘Erma Reka’ geothermal anomaly was established in 1959 and rich metasomatic ore-mineralizations were cut off with boreholes in complex hydrogeological and geothermal conditions. The hydrothermal system includes two distinct, but connected geothermal deposits – ‘Erma Reka’ /Republic of Bulgaria/ and ‘Thermes’ /Republic of Greece/. The geothermal deposit does not have a natural outlet on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The temperature of the mineral water is 87,8 °С.

For the efficient use of the resource of geothermal deposit, a borehole for mineral water extraction and the adjacent infrastructure were built under the project, namely:

  • Water-intake facility – a borehole with a diameter of 660 mm to 215 mm and a depth of 860 m was made. From ground level to a depth of 465 m, it consists of a working column with behind-pipe cementation. From a depth of 465 m to 860 m, it has an open stem to reduce hydraulic resistance and to facilitate the operation of the water source. A submersible geothermal water extraction system was installed in the borehole;
  • Construction of the part of the geothermal water source above ground, including two separate buildings, technologically connected by underground installation collectors:
    • Borehole building – a one-storey building in which the drilling room is located;
    • Service building – a one-storey building in which a control room, a staff room, a room for the electric panel and a sanitary unit are equipped.

As part of the scope of the construction activities, the following facilities and communications were built:

  • Support wall;
  • External power supply;
  • On-site water supply and sewerage network;
  • Underground communication channels;
  • Communication shafts;
  • Rainwater shafts;
  • Linear water collector;
  • Cess-pit.

Implementation period:

2013 – 2015