Design and implementation of energy efficiency measures for a multi-family residential building in t

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Name of the project:

“Engineering - design, author’s supervision and construction and installation works in connection with the implementation of the Energy Efficiency of Multi-Family Residential Buildings National Programme on the territory of the town of Zlatograd under Lot № 1 with subject: "Multi-Family Residential Building - apartment block 4 located in Landed Estate No. 31111.32.225.1, 182 Bulgaria Str., town of Zlatograd, Zlatograd Municipality"”


Municipality Zlatograd

Main contractor:

Partnership „Minstroy-StB proekt“ with partners „Minstroy Holding“ AD and “StB proekt ” EOOD

Information for the project:

The subject of the contract is a multi-family residential building, located in the town of Zlatograd. The residential block of flats, built in 1986, is a ten-storey building and consists of one section. The structure of the building is made by industrial method – Lift-Slab Method (method of constructing buildings of prefabricated modules), a monolithic (reinforced concrete) zero cycle from level -2,60 m to level 0,00 m. The interior walls are 25 cm thick – reinforced concrete, the façade walls –16 cm thick are panel.

In the basement, there are 50 storage rooms (basements), a local heating substation, a trash disposal room and a toilet. The other floors are residential with 5 apartments per floor.

The roof of the building is a cold flat roof. The roof structures are flat, reinforced concrete with a top waterproofing coating, partially compromised by atmospheric conditions and without the required insulation layer of ceramsite (felt or other similar material).

The implementation of engineering is aimed at renovating the residential building, which aims at implementing energy efficiency measures, providing better living conditions for occupants, heat comfort and higher quality of the living environment.

Under the subject of the contract, the following activities were performed:

  • Services for architectural and engineering design of buildings;
  • Engineering services for design and construction of installations in buildings;
  • Construction and installation works of installations;
  • Insulation works;
  • Thermal insulation works;
  • Insulation and waterproofing of roof structures;
  • Electrical installation works;
  • Joinery installation works.

As a result of the implemented energy efficiency measures, the following was achieved:

  • higher level of energy efficiency of the multi-family residential building and lower energy costs;
  • improved performance to extend the lifecycle of the building;
  • providing conditions for a living environment in accordance with the criteria for sustainable development.

Implementation period:

2016 – 2017