Major overhaul of KRS B excavator and 7B conveyor

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Name of the project:

“Major overhaul of KRS B excavator and 7B conveyor at Coal Handling in ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 Thermal Power Plant”


„ConturGlobal Mariza iztok 3“ AD

Main contractor:

„Minstroy Holding“ AD

Information for the project:

The main overhaul includes checking of the condition and carrying out dismantling, repair and assembly works of assemblies and elements of a multicore rotary excavator and a belt conveyor, namely:

  • Traveling mechanism - anchor devices, lubrication system, gears, balancers, gearboxes and couplings, brakes, etc .;
  • Lower construction - ring carrier, central hopper, roller station, compressor and air ducts, axial bearing, dental crown etc .;
  • Upper construction - rotary gear mechanism (gearbox, ratchet shafts, oil installation, clutch and electric hydraulic brake), auxiliary lubrication system, rotor wheel gearbox (gearbox, hydro joiner, rotor wheel), reversible conveyor , drums, drive station, gearbox, clutch, cushion vulcanization), lifting gear (gearbox, clutch, electric brake brakes, drum, polispasts, fuses and ropes) etc .;
  • Intermediate conveyor - rollers, rollers, drums, drive station, traction wheels, gearbox, clutch, etc.
  • Receiving trolley - roller, roller, metal structure and rubber gaskets etc .;
  • Cable drum - gearbox, editor, rollers and metal construction;
  • Metal structure of the rotor excavator - revision, repair and restoration;
  • Rubber belt conveyor 7B - Roller track repair and replacement rollers,
  • Final lubrication of the excavator and the conveyor;
  • All engine power centers.

For the needs of the multi-excavator excavator, the contractor designed, delivered and installed a new operator cabin.

The necessary tests, examinations and trials have been carried out to put the excavator and transporter into operation.

Implementation period: