Works on the removal of the topsoil - 200,000 m3 of humus in Troyanovo-North Mine

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Name of the project:

“Works on the removal of the topsoil - 200,000 m3 of humus. Site – in front of the face of the 4th overburden, southern lane, from section 286-299 of Axis 32 500 in Troyanovo-North Mine, village of Kovachevo”


Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD

Main contractor:

Partnership „MIN-IMPEX“ with partners „Minstroy Holding“ AD and „Pir-Impex“ EOOD

Information for the project:

Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD is a company that operates open-cast coal mines, which are part of the East Maritsa Coal Basin.vv

The subject of the contract involves the simultaneous execution of the following humus removal activities in front of the mining works of ‘Troyanovo-North’ mine:

  • Excavation, pushing of land masses and loading by one-bucket excavator on dump trucks;
  • Transportation of land masses by dump trucks to landfill;
  • Disposal and spreading of land masses by bulldozer.

The land masses were excavated, transported and disposed at the landfill. The humus thus stored was used by the Contracting Authority in subsequent reclamation works of areas affected by mining activity. The requirements of Ordinance No. 26/1996 on the rehabilitation of damaged terrains, improvement of low-productive lands, reclamation and recovery of humus layer were complied with.

Implementation period: