Technical liquidation of the Central Enrichment Plant in Antra Mine

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Name of the project:

“Technical liquidation of the Central Enrichment Plant in Antra Mine”


„Eco Antracit” EAD

Main contractor:

Partnership „Eco Emstroy” with partners „Minstroy Holding“ AD and „Energo Remnot Stroy“ EOOD

Information for the project:

The subject of the contract involves the technical liquidation of various types of reinforced concrete buildings and structures of the Central Flotation Works such as: a ropeway reception station, a building with receiving bins, overpasses, a radial thickener, a concrete facility, a main body with loading bins, a reception station to the main building, a heating plant, a bin reception facility with a overpass and a chimney, located in the village of Thompson, municipality of Svoge, district of Sofia. The structures were demolished to a level of 30 cm below the adjacent ground level by performing drilling and blasting works and mechanically by a hydraulic hammer excavator. The buildings of the Flotation Works complex had different geometrical dimensions. The tallest of them was the main body with loading bins, consisting of 7 levels (floors). The chimney of the heating plant was 40 m above the ground and had a variable diameter. The construction waste resulting from the liquidation and the coaly shale on the site resulting from the technological activities of Flotation Works were loaded by excavators and transported to a landfill outside the village. The site ground was cleaned and levelled.

For the purposes of the technical liquidation, a Project for Execution of Special Blasting Works was developed and coordinated in strict compliance with the requirements of the Blasting Works Safety Regulations (BWSR). The execution of the blasting works did not affect Railway Station Thompson and the elements of the railway infrastructure of BDZ – track, catenary, etc. located in the immediate vicinity.

During the implementation of the contract, machines and metal structures of the manufacturing equipment and facilities of the Flotation Works were dismantled. Disassembly and assembly of catenary 27,5 kV of BDZ was also performed.

Implementation period:

2009 – 2014