Technical liquidation of reinforced concrete structures in Eko Antratsit EAD

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Name of the project:

“Technical liquidation of reinforced concrete structures in the individual stations and cableway installations remaining after the liquidation of Mini Balkan EOOD (insolvent) and Mini Balkan Basin AD (insolvent) with Eko Antratsit EAD, town of Dimitrovgrad”


„Eco Antracit” EAD

Main contractor:

Partnership „Eco Emstroy” with partners „Minstroy Holding“ AD and „Energo Remnot Stroy“ EOOD

Information for the project:

The subject of the contract involves the technical liquidation of various types of reinforced concrete structures such as bodies of ropeway loading stations, double tensioning devices, supporting columns and beams of protective devices, anchoring tension device, reloading station, solid transition and protective device, etc. in the region of the town of Tvarditsa. The structures were demolished to the level of ground elevation, the main activities being:

  • Demolition of reinforced concrete structures and brickwork by drilling and blasting works;
  • Demolition of reinforced concrete structures – mechanically by hydraulic hammer excavator;
  • Complete crushing of reinforced concrete slabs, beams and columns by hydraulic hammer excavator;
  • Pushing of construction waste by bulldozer;
  • Loading and transportation of construction waste by dump truck and landfilling;
  • Stirring of construction waste at landfill.

Two underground mining openings were closed under the project - gallery of ‘Kichesta’ section and gallery of ‘Chumerna’ section. The entrances of the galleries were sealed by building reinforced concrete walls to prevent access to the mining openings.

For the purposes of the technical liquidation, a Project for Execution of Special Blasting Works was elaborated and coordinated in strict compliance with the requirements of the Blasting Works Safety Regulations (BWSR), as well as a Project for Traffic Organization and Safety.

Implementation period:

2013 – 2014