Closure and rehabilitation of an existing municipal landfill site on the territory of Ruse Municipal

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Name of the project:

“Closure and rehabilitation of an existing municipal landfill site on the territory of Ruse Municipality”


Municipality Rousse

Main contractor:

Partnership „Eco Emstroy” with partners „Minstroy Holding“ AD and „Energo Remont Stroy“ EOOD

Information for the project:

During the implementation of the contract, the following construction and installation works and reclamation activities (technical and biological reclamation) were performed, including building a top insulation screen:

  • Disposal of tar waste – in order to neutralize and stabilize it through an alkaline reaction, a filling of crushed stone mixed with lime ash was made. Then an extruded three-dimensional geogrid and a layer of crushed stone were laid;
  • Formation of the body of the landfill – some of the waste was re-disposed in the interior of the landfill, achieving the design slopes of the surface. Excavation, transportation, filling and compaction were performed. The slopes with a height of more than 5 m were intersected with berms;
  • Construction of earth supporting dykes on the landfill outline and slopes with a gradient of 1:3 (external) and 1:2 (internal). Excavation, loading, transportation, filling, spreading and compaction of land masses were performed;
  • Laying a two-dimensional geogrid on the area of the landfill formed and then building a gas-removal levelling layer of crushed stone. Gas drainage pipes were laid. The pipes were discharged in gas wells;
  • Construction of gas wells, made of concrete rings;
  • Laying a bentonite waterproofing on the landfill surface to isolate its body from surface water infiltration;
  • Building a site drainage of river ballast to discharge drained atmospheric water. A drainage system of pipes was made;
  • Laying a geotextile on the surface site drainage;
  • Laying a two-dimensional and three-dimensional geogrid;
  • Making a reclamation layer of soil, geological material and humus;
  • Construction of concrete drainage channels to capture and remove clean surface water. A culvert of reinforced concrete pipes was built for passing under the road;
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of an installation for landfill gas disposal by high-temperature combustion and connection to the main gas pipeline;
  • Building a new overhead cable line for power supply of the waste gas installation;
  • Building an operational road and gateway to the landfill;
  • Biological reclamation – fertilization, planting of saplings and grassing.

The construction and reclamation works were implemented in accordance with Ordinance No. 6 of 27.08.2013 for the conditions and requirements for building and operation of landfills and other facilities and installations for waste recovery and disposal and Ordinance No. 26/1996 on the rehabilitation of damaged terrains, improvement of low-productive lands, reclamation and recovery of humus layer.

Implementation period:

2014 – 2016